Today in our real estate blog of ICHS Islamabad we will discover the best augmented reality app for a real estate company, so that you can give a better service to your clients.

Since Google launched Google Glass three years ago, the augmented reality sector lives one of its best moments. With applications as diverse as medicine or decoration, augmented reality is already present in the daily lives of millions of smartphone users.

What is augmented reality?

According to Wikipedia, augmented reality is defined as “Vision through a technological device, a real-world physical environment, whose elements are combined with virtual elements for the creation of a mixed reality.”

The technology responsible for augmented reality was created more than 30 years ago in the United States. Its inventor, Ivan Sutherland created the head display that allowed its use in 1985. However, it is not until 2012 when the public knows this technology from Google for commercial purposes.

Today, augmented reality has made a dent in virtually all sectors of society. From sports to emergency services, their applications to daily life bring us enormous benefits. And the real estate sector could not be less.

The best augmented reality App for a real estate

Ikea Place

This is the already veteran application of the IKEA brand to superimpose any furniture in your catalog on an image obtained with a smartphone.

Available for  iOS  and  Android , and totally free, this application will help you decorate and improve the images you take with your smartphone’s own camera and then upload them to your real estate website on Property for sale . Highlight its simple use.