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Sponsored Links for Real Estate – What are they? How to use? Worth it?

The sponsored links to real estate are, in essence, one of the most viable ways, practical, quick and analyzable that digital marketing can offer.

But, before you believe you’ve found the “pot of gold”, it’s important to understand that sponsored links will only have relevant effectiveness if you work with other strategies associated with it.

After all, imagine that you hire someone to do some repair or service in your home. Well, the professional might even be very qualified. But if the equipment he installs is not of good quality, the investment’s effectiveness will certainly not be good.

And in digital marketing for real estate, the same happens. You need to build a viable, focused and comprehensive strategy. After all, sponsored links are the means and not the end.

To understand more about the topic, read on. In today’s text, you’ll explore with Blue world City, how positive link buying can be, as long as you do it correctly. Come on?


Sponsored Real Estate Links – What Are They?

First of all, we need to understand what sponsored real estate links are. They are, in essence, a way to buy positions on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

That is, you can pay to show up to the right people, at the right time and in the right place. This is a revolutionary way to gain valuable positions within a marketing strategy. And what made it possible for us, of course, was the internet and the companies that make it up.

To understand it more practically, let’s imagine a Google search. When someone searches for a term there, Google will show the best results for that search.

These best results can be a number of things: a video, an article, an image or, of course, a sponsored link. And this sponsored link, when activated, will appear in the first positions of the results. Surely you’ve noticed this already, haven’t you?

But, it’s not just that.

A sponsored link is not just a link that appears in Google’s search results. They are, in essence, any link that is positioned in a paid and strategic way on some media platform.

That is, an image ad or even an ad before your YouTube video can, of course, be considered a sponsored link. After all, he is there because someone paid him to be.

And with this broad definition, we automatically have a huge range of options and alternatives for us to use in our daily lives, within our real estate agency.

And to help you better understand how to do this, considering the various possibilities, we have prepared a practical guide below. Keep reading to understand and deepen your study. Come on?


How to Use Sponsored Links to Real Estate the Smart Way

If you think that to have a good sponsored link you just need to make an account on some media platform and pay to start appearing, you’re right.

However, this alone will not be enough for your strategy to be effective and bring good results for your real estate company. It is necessary to understand the whole context and create a creative flow with the right goals.

Otherwise, your sponsored link will be just another sponsored link in a huge swarm of sponsored links.

But don’t be scared. The Ville imob will help you better understand all this so that in this way, you can roll up your sleeves and begin to think more objectively about the digital marketing your business.

Of course, nowadays you can find information everywhere. But the real challenge is to turn it all into practical knowledge. So, our first tip is: focus!

There is no right, revolutionary or magic recipe to build good real estate marketing.

What exists is method and understanding of your needs.

As much as the tools you use are the same one’s other people will use, the way they will be handled is totally different.

And that’s where you can put everything to lose, or to win. After all, knowing how to use the tool itself, you learn in a few minutes. But knowing how to get the most out of it, this may take longer.

To help you, we’ve separated some important topics for the topic, which will guide you on this journey to learn how to make good sponsored links for real estate. See below:

  • Choose the best channels for your real estate marketing strategy – What are they?
  • Optimize each ad as much as possible – Try tests and variations to understand which ones are the best;
  • Have some type of conversion metric for your campaign – You need to understand user behavior;
  • Use remarketing and see the power this strategy can have on your campaign;
  • Analyze the data generated by campaigns to be able to make new decisions;

We will talk about each topic in order to better explore each point. Come on?

Choose the best channels for your real estate marketing strategy – What are they?

There are numerous media channels.

As you well know, the internet has brought us a multitude of alternatives so that we can choose which ones will be the best for our strategies.

However, which is a good thing, it also brings a portion of mistrust doubt: how to know which is the best platform to create sponsored links?

The answer is: there is no better platform to create sponsored links.

The best platform is the one that makes the most sense for your real estate marketing strategy. After all, each of them has specific and unique characteristics. Therefore, you will need to know where the best place to position your company is.

Follow a more detailed explanation of each of the alternatives for creating sponsored links to real estate. See below:


Google Ads

The Google Ads is perhaps the main company that leads us to sponsored links when you think about it. Google is, today, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) search engine on the internet.

Whenever you need to ask a question or solve a problem, go to Google. Or, whenever you need or want to study a new subject, your search source is started by Google.

And this, of course, is their livelihood. As much as the tool is free for the user, what Google extracts from information on behavior and trends is what will become their final product.

So, if someone searches for “properties in SP”, the results will satisfy that user. But, behind this, there is a huge competition from companies that want to appear to the user who searches for “properties in SP”.

In this example, you could buy the keyword “property in SP” and every time someone searches for this term, your real estate agency could appear in the top Google results.

But why “could”? For a simple reason: the marketing of sponsored links in search results happens through an auction model.

For example, if 4 real estate companies buy the same word, “property in SP”, and Google shows only 3 paid search results, only the 3 real estate companies that paid more for the word will appear – and one will be left out of the results.

Facebook Ads

Unlike Google Ads, Facebook works its sponsored links to real estate in another way.

There are also auctions there. However, the Facebook user consumes ads in a different way. The placement takes place through the timeline and several other models and formats that the company creates every day.

For the common user, social networking is free. After all, just create an account, make friends and start interacting.

And it is precisely from these interactions that the Facebook product starts to be assembled: the right ads, for the right people.

The amount of data and information that the social network captures from each individual, is enough for you to create a highly targeted ad, so that it appears only to those you chose.

For example, if you want your real estate ad to appear only to young couples and newlyweds, Facebook will be able to deliver.

After all, by the simple fact that people put information on the platform, algorithms can, based on that, build profiles, personas and target audiences. And, later, they market this information as a form of advertisements.

And the same applies to Instagram AdsLinkedIn and several other social networks that have their ad model similar to Facebook Ads.

The information that the user himself provides is, in essence, the product of social networks. And you can turn that into sponsored real estate links.


Optimize each of the ads as much as possible – Try tests and variations to understand which ones are the best

One of the coolest things about creating online ads for real estate is the way it can be done.

Unlike an advertisement on TV or on a street billboard, with digital platforms you have a lot of flexibility to change, pause, start, duplicate or cancel advertisements at your own time and need.

And this opens up a range of alternatives so that we can increasingly optimize our ads.

So, no matter where you place your ads, we recommend that you take advantage of the flexibility and test it out.

That is, test one, two, three, four different types of the same ad. In art or text, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to try to understand which will be the best ad option for that strategy.

In the case of image ads, often the color, title or even image used can make a big difference. The target audience will be able to identify more with one or the other.

And you, of course, can understand this once you have several ads running at the same time. Afterwards, just leave the one with the best performance in the air.

Have some type of conversion metric for your campaign – You need to understand user behavior

One of the most important things when creating sponsored links for real estate is to have a conversion goal or goal.

In other words, you need to have some kind of foundation to understand whether or not your plan is working. Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand, explore and improve.

Because a random ad will also deliver random results. And this is very bad for your campaigns.

So have goals that make sense for certain strategies.

It can be anything like: getting more followers, more newsletter subscribers, more real estate leads for a given release, etc.

The important thing is to have a pivot to understand whether the ads are working or not.


Use remarketing and see the power this strategy can have on your campaign

Have you ever heard of real estate remarketing? This is perhaps one of the most amazing tools that digital ads can offer us.

Remarketing is an alternative to advertising to people who have already had some type of interaction, contact or conversion in one of your ads.

In other words, you will be able to talk to a certain audience in an even more exclusive way.

The power of remarketing is huge.

For example, if someone is already your customer or is short-lived, ads can be targeted to the audience with much more specific and unique language.

Something you couldn’t do, for example, with people who don’t even know your real estate, product or service.

Learn more about real estate remarketing here.

Analyze the data generated by campaigns to make new decisions

And finally, let’s not forget that a good sponsored links strategy for real estate is, in essence, one that we can improve.

And improvements will only be possible if you have some basis to understand what is or isn’t working. So analyze each data and see if things are flowing. This will help you make new and more accurate decisions.

Count on Ville Imob to help your real estate company sell more, with specific and dedicated tools and systems. This way, you optimize all those more bureaucratic functions and can devote more time to what is most important, such as sales itself.