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METAL JEWEL COLLARS- Masonic Regalia Supplies

To enhance its position, and carry out its principals–the toleration of all Rites, the Sov. Sanc. Has given that obtained Charters for the exercise of the Mizraim and Scottish Rites, and is enabled to have the funds for possibility for its individuals to attain certificate of corresponding degrees, which deliver their due weight in all nations. The Grand Master General being a member of the 96° in Egypt, the system is assimilated to the Memphis Misraim Rite in Egypt.
The principals of the Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry we may summarize as follows:–
It is conventional, and open to every Master Mason who is in properly standing below some constitutional Grand Lodge, it teaches the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.
The qualification of a Neophyte is probity and honour, it esteems Masonic worth and gaining knowledge of above social and private distinctions, searching for with the aid of its comprehensive ceremonials to increase Masonic Knowledge, Morality and Justice, and put in force all those great principals which have outstanding true Masons in all time.
Its Rituals embrace all Masonry, and are based on those of the Craft regularly occurring ; they give an explanation for its symbols, develope [sic] its mystic philosophy, exemplify its morality, have a look at its legends, tracing them to their primitive source, and working fairly and truly with the historical features of Symbolical Masonry. They incorporate not anything in their teaching however what Mahommedan, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Brahmin, or Parsee can also alike renowned.
The authorities of the Rite is non-obligatory, and it extends the hand of brotherhood to all legitimate Rites. It is in cordial union with a number of grand bodies of its personal or similar Rites, with whom it has Representatives established, and its influence is silently extending over the face of the entire globe.
The Degrees of the Rite are divided into three Series, and the Masters of each section receive the 31-91° and the 32-ninety three°, and represent the Judicial Tribunal, 31-ninety one°, and the Mystic Temple, 32-93°, of which the President or Gd. Master of Light, gets the 33-95°, to represent his Province within the Sovereign Sanctuary, 33-ninety five°.
It has been ordered by the Sovereign Sanctuary;–
1. That Dispensation may be given to individual Members of the Rite in any metropolis, wherein no subordinate body exists, to receive a sufficient variety of Brethren to form a Chapter, Senate, or Council.
2. That CHAPTERS of the Rose Croix (11-18°); SENATES of Hermetic Philosophers (20-33°) ; COUNCILS of Sublime Masters of the Great Work (30-90°) ; Mystic Temples–Grand Consistories (32-93°), may be chartered throughout our jurisdiction, in accordance with the General Statutes.
3. That Grand Mystic Temples–Councils General, (32-ninety four°), can be constituted in any of the Colonies and possesssions of the United Kingdom, subject to the General Statutes of the Order, with privileges similar to the Grand Mystic Temples–Councils General of England, Ireland and Scotland.
Four. Application can be made to the Grand Secretary General, Grand Chancellor General, or Grand Master General, who will supply all facts as to fees and the mode of proceeding Metal Jewel Collars.