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How knives are used as weapons and utensils?

You can use knives in the form of weapons and utensils as well. Below we have written down needed details for you. And to get top updated information on Damascus chef knivesyou can grab those details from here.


Knives used in the form of weapons


  • In the form of weapons, knives are generally and widely used. They are considered as an essential tool linked to this weapon category. Furthermore, if you are using a ballistic knife, then note down that this is a specialized kind of combat knife. It comes with a detachable gas propelled blade. Moreover, you can find extensive variety right in this Damascus steel knives 


  • Bayonet knife is identified as a combat weapon. Besides, a butterfly knife is a folding pocket knife. It comprises two counter-rotating handles and uses for defense purposes.


  • Daggers can be single-edged or double-edged. They are sharpened up to their full length for the sake of combating purposes. Fighting knives are used for physical confrontation. In this category, you can have Bowie knives or Fairbairn Sykes fighting knives.


  • Karambit knife is accompanied by a curved blade. This knife looks similar in shape like we have a tiger’s claw. Its handles are composed of safety holes.


  • Lastly, we have these throwing knives. This knife is generally used for throwing purposes. And a trench knife is improvised kind of knives. They are used if one is going for close-quarter fighting.


Knives availed as utensils


  • One of the primary uses of knives is to avail them in the form of utensils. You can have them for dining purposes, food preparation tasks, and also cutlery needs.


  • In this specific category, we have a bread knife as an important knife. It has a serrated blade and is commonly used for fine cutting of bread. Then kitchen knife is widely used to process and complete general food preparation tasks.


  • In addition, an oyster knife comes with a short and thick blade. For the sake of opening oyster shells, this knife is used. You might have used this Mezzaluna knife as well! This one is a two-handled knife or you can say that it is an arc-shaped knife. You should use this knife in a rocking motion and thus avail it as a herb chopper.
  • Then we have a coring knife or paring knife for our readers. This knife is small in size however, it comprises and injected with a sharp blade. You can use it to cut and core different fruit items like pineapple.


  • For people who have disabilities, they can utilize a rocker knife. This knife cuts any foodstuff by following a rocking motion. If you cannot use a fork and knife at one single time and possess some disability in your hands, then use a rocker knife.


There is more updated information that is yet to be coming sooner on this web page, so keep in touch with us. You can let us know what other functional variations are shown by knives, we will be happy to hear about that from your side.