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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z cheats for PSVITA


Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan)
Finish mission 32 with rank S or higher

Finish mission 44 with rank A or higher.

Beerus God of Destruction
Finish mission 59 with rank S or higher.

Cell Jr
Finish mission 58 with rank A or higher

Cell Perfect Form
Finish mission 26 with rank S or higher

Cooler Final Form
Finish mission 47 with rank S or higher

Finish mission 32 with rank S or higher

God of Destruction Beerus
Finish mission 59 with rank S or tft item cheat sheet.

Kid Buu
Finish mission 35 with rank S or higher

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Finish mission 49 with rank S or higher

Majin Vegeta
Finish mission 33 with rank S or higher.

Super Saiyan 2 Goku
Finish mission 36 with rank A or higher

Super Saiyan 3 Goku
Finish mission 39 with rank S or higher

Super Siayan 2 Teen Gohan
Finish mission 26 with rank S or higher

Finish mission 59 with rank S or higher



Veteran Fighters: Complete the Saiyan Saga: Warriors Z route. I win, Earth scum !: Complete the Saiyan Saga: Saiyan Route. A futile conclusion: Complete the Frieza saga: Warriors Z route. I am number one in the universe !: Complete the Frieza saga: Frieza’s Soldier route. Goodbye, warriors : Complete the Android saga: Warriors Z route. I am at the maximum of my power …: Complete the Android saga: Androids route. The grand finale: Complete the Monster Bu saga: Warriors Z route. Now no one can stop me! Complete the Monster Bu saga: Monster Bu route. Defeated Frieza!Complete all missions in another ERA. Dragon’s Wrath! Complete all missions in ERA Extra. Time to fight seriously : Complete 100 missions or more. You are the number one! – Earn 10 gold medals in Battlefield. I count on you! : Share energy and win. You’re good?! Do not give up! : Reanimate a soul successfully. Take this! : Chase an enemy successfully. Let’s get it over with! : Use a chase chain successfully. Let’s do it together! : Use a synchronized frenzy successfully. Go dead! : Use a definitive technique successfully. Use my energy!: Send ENERGY through an ENERGY request. Hello dragon world! : Enter a room in cooperative mode. Let’s all fight as a team : Fight as part of a team in cooperative mode. Combat Elite : Complete a mission on difficulty 5 without a single retry. Very impressive: Increase the rank of a character of your partner to the maximum. Go away and never come back: Defeat 100% of Frieza power with a definitive technique. Disappear, Cell! Defeat Perfect Cell with a final technique. Z Warriors Gather !: Form a team of 4 different Z Warriors and win in battle mode. Freeza Army Reunion!: Form a team of 4 different characters from Frieza’s army and win in battle mode. Meeting of the Saiyans !: The android group: Form a team of 4 different androids and win in battle mode. Hello! It’s me, Goku !: Form a team of 4 different Gokus and win in battle mode. You found a treasure! : Obtain a rare level 7 card. Rich Collector: Spend over 1,000,000 DP. Premium Collector : Spend over 100,000 PP.


The winner is me: Complete all missions in special ERA. Mission Complete: Complete all missions. Completed Cards: Obtain all cards. Completed Items : Obtain all items. Gathering of Super Warriors : Unlock all characters (except downloadable ones). Now let’s get serious : Get to Rank 99. Appear, Shenron! : Get 7 Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Hunt. The Heat of Battle: Win 100 times in Battle Mode. Bardock: Goku’s Father : Complete a difficulty 5 mission without equipping yourself with items or cards. I’m getting excited:Use all available characters. Bent on Strengthening: Complete 10 or more missions with a Z rank. Sleeping is for the weak: Beat 50 hours of game time on missions.


The Legendary Super Saiyan: Earn 150,000,000 EXP or more. Powerful Warriors : Raise the rank of all companions to the maximum in all characters.