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Adidas Shoes for Skateboarding

Are Adidas Shoes Good For Skateboarding?

Adidas shores were first created in 1924 and after just 80 years Adidas launched four new shoes in the market, with signing Mark Gonzales and Denis Busenitz to their roster there was no turning back.

To be very honest it was a huge miss at the time, but as time passed this brand started getting recognition, and it was in 06 when Adidas introduced This Busenitz Pro Model Which swept through the market becoming the best-seller of the year.

In our opinion, Adidas makes some of the best quality skateboarding shoes but you need to stay far away from the entry models. There is a wide variety of models available which you can choose from if you ask us they are defiantly worth their price.

If you are looking for insurance and protection, then Adidas shoes for skateboarding are best for you.

Adidas Is Famous For

Adidas is always praised for the thickness of its soles. The model with adiprene insoles acclaimed high praise for its blue color. Now coming back to skating shoes Adidas has divided its users. The shoes are made by Adidas.

Since 2006 Adidas has made over 20 types of skateboarding shoes. In those 20 types we have seen many iterations and re-releases, it’s a bumpy ride for sure but in this article, we will talk about the three most liked skating shoes made by Adidas.

 Adidas BusenitzVulc II

As mentioned above the inclusion of Denis Busenitz have Adidas great boosts of credibility. In the skateboarding world, Adidas was praised highly due to this model. When the legend himself put on these shoes while skating. The people were so fascinated to see the legend smoothly skating.

This is one of the biggest reasons why these shoes are still praised highly and even sought after, if we talk about their past we have seen 20 iterations from the inception of these shoes.

The features of these shoes are amazing it includes grippy cup soles, which are flexible and thick at the same time. if you want to feel as if you are riding on clouds then its reinforced suede contour ensures just that.

Adidas Lucas Puig Pro-Model

Lucas Puig is a notorious French skater who is most notable for their style. He was famous for his tricks his style and his outfit. He has always seen Helas caps and he has a mixed style of authority and delicacy the same style was exported to his shoes.

The skates performed exceptionally well. If you were to ask us about the most distinct feature of the shoe, then we should tell you that the sole of the shoe is its most distinct feature. Its sole goes from its heel.

Providing protection was the main goal of Adidas and these shoes provided the most protection out of all the shoes Adidas launched. Adida’s new ghillie system insured that your laces won’t rip when you use these shoes.

Adidas Campus Vulc

This model of Adidas shoes has surely stood the testament of time, and it did so for a good reason. This model distinguished itself from the others by using a low-cut design and its super durability. If we talk about the design, we cannot help ourselves by mentioning the three apparent stripes.

The reinforced rubber added to its heel cup insured its durability. The ollie area had double stitches on it. On top of all this, the model which we are talking about is super affordable. So if you are looking for something cheap but durable this is your go-to option.

If you have bought this recently then we recommend that you wear them for at least a week before properly riding them because of their stiffness.

How Long Do Adidas skates last?

This is the question that is most frequently asked and now we will give you a definitive answer. You can expect your Adidas shoes to last 2 to 3 months in case of intense skating. Just like all the skating shoes made by other brands. When you use these shoes furiously then you will only get 2 to 3 months’ use.

After this time, you will start to see holes appearing in the flick area, toe, and heel side. This also depends upon the tricks you perform with these shoes. Many of the complaints received were about shoes ripping from the bottom side.

These shoes will defiantly create problems if you have a habit of tingling your feet before you perform any trick


In this article we have discussed the top 3 best shoes Adidas has to offer. We talked about its durability and testament to time, when buying skating shoes, it comes down to your personal preference. If you want durably then Adidas has models focused on durability. We recommend Adidas shoes for the best off-road skateboards especially.

If you are looking to perform tricks, Adidas has perfect shoes made just for performing tricks.